Media I Queued in Karaoke Room still playing after leaving (

I queued a Youtube video on the media player in Karaoke Room 1. Left the room but the video’s audio has continued to play. Not only that, but now the Youtube video’s audio plays in the game’s main menu. I don’t even have to be in a Server to hear the audio. Additionally, going into the audio settings and setting every game sound to 0 does not turn the sound of the video off.

I have attempted the following fixes:
-Restart the game
-Check the integrity of the game files and correct the 1 that was flagged
-Delete the game from steam entirely and reinstall
-Delete the game entirely and reinstall on a different drive
-Restart PC and relaunch game
-Relaunch game and join different Server (happened on East 3)
-Play media on a different media player

Steps to Reproduce

The bug can be recreated by simply launching the game from my steam library. The audio begins playing before the main menu has loaded.

What I expected to happen

I expect the game to not play this youtube video audio after I have left the area of the media player.

What happened

I cannot play Tower Unite without this youtube video’s audio playing.

Restarting the game and your PC would completely stop this YouTube video from playing from within the game. In fact, just leaving the Plaza server will stop all media. Are you sure there’s not a YouTube video playing on another application?

Absolutely positive. The audio from the youtube video does not start playing until Tower Unite is launched. If i close the game, the audio stops playing. I ended up having to mute the entire game by going to the Windows Volume Mixer and Muting Steam WebAudio.

Hi. So I wanted to report and say I was able to fix the issue. After some more digging, I discovered that the audio was not coming from “Tower Unite” itself, but instead it was coming from the Steam Client WebHelper, which I assume tower unite uses to play media in it’s plazas and condos. I cleared the Steam Cache but that did not resolve the issue. I made the leap to delete Steam in it’s entirety and reinstall it. That did the trick. I can finally play Tower Unite without hearing the Youtube video I queued up.

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