Media autoplay on entry

One thing I have noticed with condos is the fact that media doesn’t play when you enter a condo until you turn the media player on manually.

I think it is much better to have the media auto playing on entry so you feel the atmosphere as soon as you enter the room (just like how it would be irl). Personally, the game would feel much more immersive if I hear whatever music or general audio is playing as soon as I enter a condo. Then, if people don’t want to hear the audio they can simply turn off the player and they won’t be able to hear it anymore (while everyone else can still in fact hear it).

For me, this will make condo parties much better since you won’t have to walk around in silence unless you want to.


This, plus proximity sound is a must. There’s often times several TVs going at once around a condo, and with them all at full volume regardless of where you are, it gets really annoying.


This gets my vote, It’d make my projection mapping system work so much better!


I think it should be an optional toggle. People might not want auto-play for performance or content reasons.


maybe instead of prediction of when the player loads the rest of the condo fully. Maybe a movement detection? or some kind of trigger event when walking into a room with a detected media player?


if audio proximity is a thing (which it probably will be) this would be great!

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