MDC November 2016: Grand Feast

Welcome to the Monthly Decoration Contest! All you have to do is build a condo or an area of your condo around the given theme. Near the end of the month, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote with.

November 2016 Theme: Grand Feast

Thanksgiving is that one holiday where your family gets together and attempts to become morbidly obese in a single sitting. Well, that’s how it is in America, at least. Regardless of if you celebrate the holiday, it’s time to gorge on all manner of edibles! Show us anything: how you prepare the meal, the wonderful dining hall, or even the mess after dinner is over!


All entries should be submitted here by the end of the 21st of November, Central Standard Time.


  • Honour and the right to brag!
  • I dunno, I guess you can have one of your submission photos on a wall in my condo?

General Info

  • Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, or otherwise discuss the competition here!
  • To submit, post all relevant info in the submission thread!
  • One submission per person, one creation per person! Show us your best! Remember, you have until the deadline to edit your submission however you want.
  • Your submission can include anything: photos, videos, text descriptions, and anything else you can stick in the post!
  • You must have at least one photo or video. You need to show what you’ve built.
  • This should be something you made. While I can’t reliably get everyone to prove they made their submissions, I ask that everyone be honest. This is meant to be a fun competition, after all!
  • You can build an entire condo, an area of your condo, or even something in the item playground. As long as you’ve built something around the theme, it’s fine to submit!
  • Remember, you can back up and reset your condo with the C menu!


After the submissions are closed, I will create a poll that lets you rate each submission from 1 to 10 as well as leave comments if you so choose. If you made a submission, you can still vote (give yourself a 10 Agent2583)! Remember to judge based on the whole submission.

Good luck, and have fun!

Quick question.
What about us that dosen’t celebrate thanksgiving.

I mean it doesn’t really matter whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a contest with a theme

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Thanksgiving was just the inspiration behind the theme (perhaps I could have made that more clear). In the end, it’s just a Grand Feast. Heck, you could make it a pizza party if you wanted, as long as it’s one heck of a pizza party.

I was mostly asking since i have no idea how thanksgiving is celebrated since i dont celebrate that holiday at all, plus im too lazy to google it.

Just a reminder that there are only 5 days remaining to craft a submission!

Remember, today is the last day to submit your creations!

Well? Aren’t we voting or anything?

My apologies, things got busy around Thanksgiving and I forgot all about this. In any case, let the voting commence!

Similar to the August MDC, I’ll still host the voting session even though there was only one participant. Since the voting sheet wasn’t released at the normal time, you will have until the end of the 7th of December to vote on the submission! To vote, head here and fill out the form. You just need to give your forum username and rate the submission between 1 and 10. You can also leave comments, if you wish. Remember to judge based on the whole submission of the user, not just the single picture in the vote sheet! If you submitted a creation, just give yourself a 10.

There will be a December MDC (and it should be posted tomorrow, assuming I don’t forget), but the competition may need to be cancelled for 2017 if there isn’t enough interest.

Voting has finished and the results are out! Our two voters have made their judgment, and the results are…

Congratulations to @Agent2583 for his commanding victory! Even though there was only one participant for this MDC, we still have some comments on the full results.

Don’t forget, there’s an MDC happening right now! Give it a build, you know you want to!