MDC August 2016: Condo Activities

Welcome to the Monthly Decoration Contest! This is a completely original idea that totally hasn’t been done before. All you have to do is build a condo or an area of your condo around the given theme. Near the end of the month, a poll will be posted for everyone to vote with.

August 2016 Theme: Condo Activities

Nobody likes to sit around doing nothing. Show us how you keep yourself and your friends entertained in your condo!


All entries should be submitted here by the end of the 21st of August, Central Standard Time.


  • Honour and the right to brag! I ripped this line right from the MTC.
  • I dunno, I guess you can have one of your submission photos on a wall in my condo?

General Info

  • To submit, post all relevant info in the submission thread!
  • One submission per person, one creation per person! Show us your best! Remember, you have until the deadline to edit your submission however you want.
  • Your submission can include anything: photos, videos, text descriptions, and anything else you can stick in the post!
  • You must have at least one photo or video. You need to show what you’ve built.
  • This should be something you made. While I can’t reliably get everyone to prove they made their submissions, I ask that everyone be honest. This is meant to be a fun competition, after all!
  • You can build an entire condo, an area of your condo, or even something in the item playground. As long as you’ve built something around the theme, it’s fine to submit!
  • Remember, you can back up and reset your condo by moving the Condo.dat file located in Steam > steamapps > common > Tower Unite > Tower > SavedData


I basically copied this completely from the TrackMania MTC. After the submissions are closed, I will create a poll that lets you rate each submission from 1 to 10 as well as leave comments if you so choose. If you made a submission, you can still vote (give yourself a 10)! Remember to judge based on the whole submission.

Good luck, and have fun!


Just a friendly reminder that there’s only one week left to submit your creations! The more, the merrier!

Well, submissions are now closed. Despite the obvious winner of this competition, I still have a vote sheet. Unfortunately, one submission isn’t a whole lot; I’d love to do this next month, but I’d need more people to participate. For this reason, I have a couple quick, anonymous polls below to see if this will continue. But first, the standard voting sheet!

To vote, head here and fill out the form. You have until the end of the month to vote. The vote sheet requires you to enter your forum username, so responses are NOT anonymous. You will give each submission a score between 1 and 10, and you can leave a comment if you wish. Remember, head to the submission thread to see the whole submission! If you made a submission, just give your creation a 10.

Now that that’s out of the way, you can also give some anonymous feedback below.

Would you like to see another MDC?

  • Yes, next month!
  • Yes, but not next month.
  • No.

0 voters

If there were a MDC next month, how likely would you be to submit a creation?

  • Very likely!
  • Somewhat likely.
  • Uncertain…
  • Not likely.
  • Very unlikely.

0 voters

Thanks for your feedback!

I’ve decided to give September a try. Polls have been closed, results will be posted soon. See you all in the September MDC!

Results have been compiled! There’s not a lot, but I figured it would be good to do for completion’s sake. Head here for the full results or look below for the final results! SPOILER: JesusFreak wins.