Match 3 Arcade/Minigame


Hi there.

I wanted to suggeest adding a Match 3 type arcade game to the game to make units and to possibly enjoy it if its something you like. i don’t like how the market was consumed by candy crush so here is an “example” video of what i mean by “Match 3” :
(Of course not as its own gamemode but like the minigames in the plaza)

now i can imagine that the devs have more imporant things to develop than wacky minigames but i just wanted to suggest it. if you have an opinion on this then i’d be glad to hear it.


I always support Match 3 games of any sort (though the best is still Bejeweled). Something like this would be a really fun arcade game, you could even have people play against each other like we used to do on MSN Messenger (takes me back).