Martex's condo UPDATE:Electric boogaloo... OF DOOM!


Guess Who’s been making headway on some much needed upgrades, I HAVE.

As you can tell, Whether has been kinda shit since your last peak into my personal abode.

Anywho, BOX-FORT!

Don’t ask why, I had a lot of pent up child-like imagination that day.

Moving on, Guess what Mad scientist’s rooftop bar got an upgrade.

That’s right, Casa Del Eggman has been upgraded from that crappy tier 1 wooden construction to tier 2 concrete, now with added protection against thermal drills and a full security compliment of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR robots.

Here we can See one of four guards, Heavy Gunner, standing (Or should I say floating?) outside… say, that guarding looks farmilliar…



Must be My imagination… Moving on.

The Interior of the concrete behemoth is gaurded by the three remaining robots and the Doctor himself, from this angle we can see Heavy Magician, acting all mystic, and E-103 Delta, following his victory in the Pixeltail Hunger games (Proud-a You, Delta)

Heres a closer look at the Bar area.

There is Heavy Shinobi, doing Ninja stuff. Fun fact: I had to get a restraining order in place to keep him from stealing My sword.

Heres a look at my obligatory “Money item storage shelves”

Although, I don’t have any money items yet. =( *Cough the casino is needlessly rigged, Minigames are the only stable means of getting units and they take too long to get any large amount Cough *

What’s in the vault, You may be asking?

Contained in this vault is only a small percentage of the “fuck you” Items I have received from the spin 2 win, the rest being lousy hula-dolls or FUCKING POTATOES- *Martex is being salty about the “rigged-ass” casino, please stand by *.

Sorry about that… I lose my cool sometimes…

Anyway, Here’s my (as of yet unfinished) office with a nice ocean veiw and Guarded by Delta.

That’s basically all I have to show you all for now, please leave ideas and comments… I’m all out of ideas…


how much did all that cost ya?


A lot.


5mil ?


IDK, Somewhere over the 30,000 mark.
(Keep in mind, I’m poor.)


hold on i have a solution for ya mate,
Let me find that pic…
Its gonna take a while since i forgot my gmail password so hang on for some days


Printable Unit bill/Foohybux
Here you go, this might help you out, its too big soo you gonna have to photoshop it to make it smaller, if you can’t ill do it for you but later