Mario 64 in Tower Unite! [WIP]

It’s looks fairly accurate! I’ll have to visit again sometime.

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ANOTHER UPDATE :sunglasses:

Finally got Whomp’s fortress done, this one took me a bit because I started work on another project while also working on this one, Hope you like it :slight_smile:

That’s it for now! I will be working on Cool, Cool Mountain next, Hope you enjoyed this build so far :smiley:


damn my condo is looking nice,
i will pay rent next week

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Woah look an actual update
Hi everyone, I recently got back to work on this condo and redid some stuff/added more!

Here’s some pictures of the redone areas!

And now for the new things!
So far I added the entrance room for Cool, cool mountain and the entrance room for Dire dire docks!

Also did the secret aquarium room [still waiting for water cubes to finish this room though]

That’s all for now, I will be making a level next!