March/April 2022 Condo Contest (Structures)

I attempted to make the Simpsons house as I’m a big fan. It’s not perfectly accurate or to scale though,

Steam Workshop::The Simpsons House


Really love all the entries so far!! Can’t wait to see more

@Occlt No words can describe how cool I think that is


STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:55964584

Greetings, and welcome back to…

                                S A M S A R A   T O W E R !

Located in the void between voids, just shy of the Interdimensional causeway and south of exit 22-Epsilon-B of Voidway 66, Samsara Tower is your one-stop shot for rest, relaxation, and untold wonder! Our 40-floor resort contains thousands of dimensional reality slices for you to explore and enjoy during your stay!

Access and parking is relatively easy! Just mind the eternally burning Trolley wreckage in the front and don’t hit the Arukas Trees!

Each floor is contained in a realtime dimensional envelope, either copied from an existing universe, or salvaged from a dead or dying one! We pride ourselves on our dedication and upkeep of these mini-realities for your exploration and enjoyment!

Inside the main Lobby, enjoy a delicious drink and meal from our 55-star bar, top-rated in over 120 different causial realities! Our lovely bartender can make you any kind of drink, from light to hard, with any number of unique and exquisite tastes!

Once you’re done there, check in with our lovely and dedicated receptionist and co-founder, to find your way around the tower and check yourself into a Floor to stay!

On your way to the elevator, take note of our lovely open ceiling displaying one of many infinite night skies. Don’t worry about the crumbling tiles, They automatically regenerate and never lose structural integrety!

*Inside our comfortable dimensionaly transcendant elevator, you can choose any one of 40 different floors available in the tower! Lets take a look at a few!

                                  F l o o r   5   -   The Abstraction Chamber

One of our very first floors was the almighty Abstraction Chamber, sliced from a dimension of mure thought and imagination. The Abstraction chamber, although small, encourages visitors to journey within their own minds and the bounds of their own imagination…

                                  F l o o r   22   -   Whitespace

An addition we accquired a little over 20 Earth years ago from a nice bald man with a suit, sunglasses, and some wicked drugs, Whitespace offers a calming white void for visitors to relax in, complete with complementary chairs and a radio to listen to some classic tunes. The Whitespace floor can be influenced by visitors imaginations to create almost anything one can think of. Psychoactive drugs not included.

And Finally, our most recent addition…

                                  F l o o r   40   -   The Classic Penthouse

After some strenuous work, we were able to satisfy mass clientele demand by salvaging this small sliver of a forgotten and crumbling dimension! Featuring a large open floorplan and a nostalgic vibe, this floor is for folks wanting to relive the glory days of a time long past…

This floor, as well as others, are now available for tours anytime at Samsara Tower! Come visit and take in all the multiverse has to offer!

Samsara Tower, Where You have the Power any hour!

Ok, Cheesy Advert aside, this is mainly focusing on the Lobby and Floor 40 of Samsara Tower. It took me a couple weeks, but by go’d its finally done. This is the most in-depth build I’ve ever done, and it hasn’t been easy. While the Lobby was less difficult, the “Penthouse” was significantly harder due to the lack of video and Photo resources of the old GMT Lobby 2 Condo. I got what I could from the map file I have, but everything else was straight eyeballing from what little video and photo I could find.
The “Penthouse” as you may have surmised is a recreation of the GMT Lobby 2 condo, detail for detail. The Decorations were based off of @Arkive86 's old GMT condo from his video, so props to him for being an inspiration. Wether or not this ends up winning is ultimately irrelevant (Though it would be nice), this was mainly meant to be a callback for veteran players of GMT, and one that I figured everyone could enjoy. Good luck to everyone!


A tiny house on wheels, given a sort of green and more woodland feel to it. A small build with a kitchen, bathroom, “living room”, and bedroom

STEAM ID:76561198023173016

Note that some details may change during the condo, either sprucing up or adding small items around to make it more cozy or feel more compact


Happy new years guys! Damn, I sure am excited for 2010, I have been playing a lot of L4D2 to pass the time, but in the meantime, I wanted to show you guys my suite! I think it’s coming along really awesome!

Jokes aside, I made a 2009 themed Suite, and while I didn’t intend to submit it for anything, I figure why not? Maybe you’ll enjoy the nostalgic views I worked on

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:20665070


Steam ID: 76561198041678901
I’ve made a little house this time around for people to hang out in!


This is a recreation of the Star Wars Millenium Falcon interior 1 to 1 scale using blueprints, But of course I had to add some fun! Exterior model from workshop. Steam Username: Kim Jong Jeff Steam ID: 76561198059848673


Wasn’t planning on entering this time around, but decided on the 25th it’d be a great time to start. :melting_face: Settled on recreating Byōdō-in, a Buddhist temple in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Didn’t get around to everything I wanted to finish up, so it’s still pretty rough around the edges and missing a few pieces. But most of phoenix Hall is there. Enjoy!

SteamID: 76561198024657462
Steam Community :: [=nTe=]H.M.Murdock


Howdy everyone, I hope y’all spring is going well.

As of this month, I’ve decided to start work on a surf map for Tower Unite and thought that it’d be a good idea to submit it to this contest.

The build it titled:

The build is set in Miami in the year 2066 after the sea level has risen to the point in which it’s flooded the city. Since the city became unsalvageable, they turned it into a surf map. That’s it, that’s all the lore I’m willing to make for this surf map because the focus isn’t lore, it good ol’ fashion surfing.

This map is still a WIP, but I feel I’ve created enough content to submit it anyway. The first surf “section” has been completed and I’m well into making three other sections, so it’s coming along.

The goal of this build is threefold:

  1. Create another Surf Map for Tower Unite, since it’s sorely lacking in that department.
  2. Learn how to build using only canvas blocks (avoiding Workshop items since they create lag issues)
  3. Make it look pretty.

Below are the images for this submission. I hope everyone likes this map and I hope those Tower Unite players itching to play more surf come over to my condo when I’m hosting it.

My steam profile is found here:



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I decided to ““attempt”” to build Tartarus from Persona 3. I originally got the idea from one of my friends when I was trying to think of ideas for a build. I quickly realized that builiding a tower of that scope was actually impossible without modeling skills (which I do not have). I instead used what the game gave me, with a few workshop items cough cough Eiffel Tower cough cough. I added the tower to the outside of my highrise condo which I started building up after the contest had already started.
Steam ID: Heck95


Alright, the submission portion of the contest has concluded! Awesome entries everyone!

I will get the community vote form set up and sent out sometime today.

Here’s the link to the community vote:

It’ll be open from today until April 14th at 11:59 PM CT.

Alright, the results are in! There were 95 participants in the community vote this time!

The winners are:

1st place (2,000,000 Units) - @CalculatorSpoon

2nd place (1,000,000 Units) - @CaptainHMMurdock

3rd place (750,000 Units) - @Alexer_Zoderia


4th place (500,000 Units) - @Occlt


5th place (300,000 Units) - @bananas

Units for winners and participants will be distributed soon! Thanks again for participating!

Keep an eye out for the next contest in the future.



Excellent work everyone! Some awesome builds.


Units have been distributed!

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Good job to the winners!


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