Marathon Mode (Playlist) for Gamemodes

While watching the AGDQ2016 stream some hours back, I began thinking of possible speedrun categories for Tower Unite, only to realize that most of the achievements in GMT take considerable lengths of time to obtain and that the core game of Tower Unite is not very fit for speedrunning.

However, what if there was a “Marathon Mode” for gamemodes that could play through any map from any gamemode on a playlist?

  • For speedrunners, you could run through all of the Ballrace maps on singleplayer to get record time overall.
  • For the casual player, you could invite your friends to play on your favorite maps and gamemodes with you for a marathon of fun.
If such a feature would be added, it would allow players to play the maps they wanted to play without being sent back to the Lobby between each game and having to warp back to the gamemode ports. This also means that with a playlist, voting for maps isn’t required (but could be optional, until all of the maps in the playlist have been completed).

Obviously this won’t and shouldn’t replace the current system for getting into gamemodes, but in whatever manner it would be great to have the ability to play specific or mixed maps from their respective gamemodes whenever needed with ease.


I wouldn’t mind this. It would be helpful for let’s players who just wants to play games and not have to deal with the lobby. There could also be a playlist where you choose the order of the game worlds/maps you want to play in if you don’t want it to be random.


If you were here when we got the first alpha release (The one we had to download and put the serial key in) they had a time trial mode where it tracked how fast you went through each course and as soon as you finished one it would teleport you to the next, no wait time.

That would be a cool mode for leaderboards and such imo

as for the marathon suggestion, I do wanna see that come into fruition. Then you could have a private session with friends and only the “worlds” you want to be on. Nobody likes sand world? Nobody plays it. Scores keep after map switches and combined lowest times (or highest number of wins, best ranks (1st, 2nd, etc.)) would win the playlist.