Maps leave things behind when you leave them?

It seems my fan can go loud pretty quickly when i join condo’s, the plaza and minigames etc.
do the maps unload when you leave them or is there still something there?

when i just play on one map only after starting the game my fan goes loud much slower (of course it does become loud over time)

(oh btw my fan goes louder more quickly when i go in and out of maps even on the lowest settings than when i play on one map for hours with the highest settings possible, when you go in and out of maps it just generates more and more of whatever is making my pc heat up)

Same for me, Tower Unite is the only game that i have that heats my pc up and makes the fan spin very loud

Tower Unite puts my 1070 GPU utilisation at like 99%, and it results in getting 75 C degrees hot. The game likes to use a lot of the GPU and not so much of the CPU I have noticed.

I’m pretty sure previous levels don’t get loaded in the background though.

TU usually manages to push my GPU temperature to 80 degrees Celsius

TU obviously uses Frustum Culling and Occlusion Culling to find invisible objects so that they don’t have to be sent to the GPU and can be culled in an earlier stage (Source didn’t do that and only had a portal system). But no, TU doesn’t use UE4’s level streaming yet. But it’s planned Only texture streaming is used but (maybe I’m wrong but) it seems like there is no mesh LOD, which means that there are a lot of vertices on screen when you are in plaza. Adding LOD meshes should improve performance quite a bit. The devs might not have adapted an automatic LOD system like Simplygon because of its price. (Simplygon is sooo easy to use! It makes life so much easier.)

The reason why your GPUs are working so hard is because unlike GMod, UE4 actually uses the GPU a lot. Pretty much every object has a normal, diffuse and refraction map and that’s why it’s demanding. UE4 also uses a deferred lighting path which results in more GPU work because lighting is calculated on a per-pixel basis and not on a per-object basis. The reason why you would use a deferred lighting path in favour of forwarded lighting path is that you can have loads of dynamic lights on your screen without a huge performance impact. But the forwarded lighting path is more effective if you have only a few dynamic lights which is not the case in TU btw.

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