Map Name Bug

So this bug seems to be constant across all ball race maps when selecting a map and it’s something I picked up on. it’s a very minor issues but for example below the last map I was on was Event Horizon and I’m choosing Nimbus as the next map to play map loads fine but you can press tab to check the players whos playing and the map name has not changed there it still shows the previous map name.

BallRace 2

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Could be because that’s the name of the server, instead of the map you’re playing on. I feel inclined to believe this because the name of the map is the default server name when one is not provided at creation.

We can test this by naming our server something different when we first make it, and see if that message persists when the map changes.

Just to document:

This is the server I’m making.

This is the scoreboard after the server is made:

And this is at the second level I picked:

In conclusion, this isn’t a bug. But it does get confusing from the browser to see a server named “Event Horizon” and they’re actually on GLXY. Maybe change the default server name, or detect when it’s default and change it on new map load?

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In the games code, it’s supposed to change the server title to the map title, unless the user has put in their own custom server title.