MAP - Minigolf: Odyssey


Under the Course Designs tab there’s courses labelled like 2A and 2B, so it seems that you aren’t guaranteed the same route every time. These versions also seem spread onto different planets (2A is on the Moon while 2B is on Venus, for example), so maybe it’s the same hole layout but with alternative gravity. Or it’s just completely different holes. I have no idea, but I’m hyped now. Thanks for pointing that out!


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Oh, so basicly it randomizes what planets you go to next, rather than it just being a specific order?


Instea of doint it random you add two holes and evey ball adds a little fuel to a different rocket. The rocket with more fuel is the one that then launches and goes to the voted hole. (If it’s equal, a system decides randomly)


While this could be cool, wouldn’t it just screw up the possibilities for some hole in one maps? Also, I don’t think it really matters cause you’re meant to visit every planet by the end anyways, right?


Not for Odyssey, no. It has more than 18 holes, but only 18 of the holes will be played in a game. Some planets have more than 1 hole. For example, Moon and Venus each have two holes (see the course designs section in the top post; Moon and Venus each have a course 2 and 3, but Moon’s are 2A and 3A while Venus’ are 2B and 3B).


Huh, good to know. Figured it was just randomizing order rather than actually having different holes. That still leaves the question of how the choice system would affect HiO’s though.