Map/Game Vote at the End of a Game


One thing I’ve noticed when trying to play a bunch of minigolf, ball race, etc. with a friend is that after a while it gets tedious having to constantly return to the menu and create a whole new game for a new map or even replaying the same map. Something I feel would greatly improve all the gameworlds is at the end of a game there’s a map vote so those who are done can just leave as per usual, but those who want to replay the map can vote to replay the map and those who want a new one can vote for a new map. Another possible extension to this is perhaps even the ability to vote for a new gameworld to play entirely. Like if a group of people are having fun playing ball race and they all want to play a round or two of minigolf together they could just vote to switch to that gameworld instead of having to open up a whole new server and just hope everyone else finds it and makes it in or such. It would really help streamline the process.



This has been suggested before and it is something that the devs want to do.



Well damn I wish I saw that before typing my post lmao. Thanks for the info though.


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