[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

I was in the central plaza and I noticed random splashes near the central fountain when I was throwing knifes. This is the same issue when I was jumping on the invisible area were the random splashes is located.

During Halloween, there is a fog effect applied to the whole plaza. After joining, if the player teleports into indoor locations, such as Arcade, Bowling, Casino, etc, the plaza fog will remain visible inside these areas.

If you use doors to enter/exit one of these locations, the indoor fog disappears. After using doors once, if you ever teleport into an indoor area from the plaza, the fog will not appear again.

If you teleport to an indoor area from another indoor area, the fog returns.

(Outdoor fog in the plaza itself is seemingly never affected.)

There’s a little bit in the entrance of the Dark Voyage queue where you can hear a quirky little noise that somewhat reminds me of some noise that Trivia does but idk what it’s supposed to be here. Also that section sorta culls out when you’re jumping there.

There’s a few small visual bugs/holes on the Dark Voyage ride:

You can see through the stairs when looking back in the sawblade trap room.

There’s a few floating ceiling lights in the laboratory.

You can peek into the sawblade trap room when entering the mansion.

You can see through the ceiling at the end of the winding hallway in the mansion.

You can see through the floor while the metal doors are open at the beginning of the ride.

The walls at the top of the queue room have missing textures.

A bit of the mansion area’s ground sticks out into the transition room.

in mouth I believe you can see out of bounds


Maybe I should have posted this in here, however, there’s a bit more to this bug than just the map-related portion of it. Dropping a link to it here for the sake of organization:

I cant enter the plaza no matter what server I try. The game gets to the loading screen for the plaza and then goes black and stays black for an eternity. My compuaters task manager states that the game is running normally, but it never progresses past the black screen. all other features of the game are accessable and work fine. Please help!

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[] Winter Plaza - recessed area of the ground at the fountain has ice physics despite not being ice

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[] Hitbox for the UFO on top of the arcade is much lower than the actual model. Collision for the column supporting it is fine, though.

[] - Winter plaza
There is a floating speaker on the main plaza:

Main plaza stair railings have a stretched texure:

East store plants are missing: (west stores do have them)

On the beach next to the pool it looks like you walk in water:

Some things with the flat images that appear when stores are far away–

Toy Stop and Songbirds have their images flipped. So the colors of the interconnecting plastic blocks and the sign behind the counter have their colors swapped around, and for Songbirds you can see the drumkit and the piano swap places.

Vroomspeed seems to be using the Central Circuit interior.

And then D.I.Y. seems to be using the old version of Sweet Suite for its interior,

and it looks like Sweet Suite is also using that older version, although it’s very hard to see it normally.

During winter the one for Seasons is pretty noticeable as well, lacking the ice in the water.

I get if you’re on the ground that it’s hard to see at this distance, but flying to the lighthouse from above it is very green from a not-too-far-away distance.

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If you set your shadow quality to low and fly upwards you will see the shadow of the entire plaza appearing way below the physical map, the parts of the shadow you see appear to be based on what the game is currently trying to render, the higher up you go the more it will show as long as you are looking vaguely in the direction where what it has to render is.
It also makes two smaller copies of the same shadows to the left of the main one

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Not sure if this is already fixed in the updates that are coming in the Holiday update, but King Arthritis’ hat seems to be where he was before the redesign of Celebrations.

I also don’t know if this Laser Tag entrance LOD has been reported or is fixed–but when far away the glowy bit around the door is on the pentagonal sorta thing and when you’re close it’s on the more squared looking one.


There’s also a gap you can see through (circled in first picture above), which is more visible from far away due to how large it is with the LOD and the angle you’re at.

Also I don’t have fog on so no screenshot of it- but the new volumetric fog makes it very apparent that the lights in the pool are floating above it, which may not matter since that area still needs to get redesigned in the future so I’m sure that’ll be dealt with eventually.

Also some more stuff with D.I.Y. similar to the post a week ago–

Being at a certain position near the backer statues causes the store and sign to unload, including the fake interior, allowing you to see all the way through to the subway.

Walking into the Christmas lobby you quickly notice that the hidden fox plushy is kind of floating in the air.
It doesn’t even have something to hold on to.

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These archways aren’t symmetrical–on the opposite side of the Tower they’re further out so they fully hide the lights going through them, but on this side (west stores) the lights are clipping through the wall halfway.

West Stores:

East Stores:

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I did make a bug report on the invisible water splash at the beach as well, but no one has ever fix this one yet.

Some lights on the arcade go through it and float in the air

Also- the snowman light has some z-fighting, didn’t notice this on any of the other standing light displays

idk how easy is it to tell from a still screenshot, but the lightrays caused by the volumetric fog seem to not be getting blocked by the windows of the Tower

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In Sweet Suite Furnishings, these chairs cannot be sat in:

But there is a seat behind the TV:

and also behind the backing wall:

I can only assume that they’re something like a hidden seat and they are placed incorrectly.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think the “hidden Dev HQ” is not accessible anymore

There is a Christmas tree on a photo shoot spot that prevent using it.