[Map Bug Megathread] Condo: Courtyard Villa

Two bugs to report - Courtyard Villa (ver.

#1 - christmas globe string lights: brightness settings reset every time I load into my condo.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place Christmas globe string lights
  2. Edit string lights > toggle light setting to OFF and/or set brightness value to 0
  3. Disconnect & leave condo
  4. Enter condo again in new session

What I expected to happen

These settings should persist for each session in my condo – they shouldn’t reset.

When decorating during one session, I toggled the light setting in Edit as OFF. When I quit and then loaded into my condo another time after, the light setting reset and was toggled as ON.

– I also tried setting the brightness value to 0 instead; this still reset when I quit and did another session
– I also tried toggling the light setting to OFF and also setting the brightness value to 0; these both still reset when I quit and did another session.

#2 - **some workshop furniture items’ scale settings reset every new session.

I haven’t experienced this with every workshop item I’ve placed, so I don’t really know what’s affecting this or how to consistently reproduce this.

ALSO, I haven’t personally experienced this with any workshop items I’ve used, but this has been happening to a friend who has been co-op condo decorating with me.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place DIY workshop furniture item
  2. Load a model from the workshop - two items I’ve seen this bug occurring with are this and this
  3. Set XYZ scale for object to 0.25
  4. Disconnect & leave condo
  5. Re-enter condo

What I expected to happen

Scale settings on workshop items shouldn’t reset. Though, I’ve only seen this happen with the two workshop items that I linked, so this isn’t a bug I’ve been experiencin with every workshop furniture item I’ve used.


Hello! Back again, found another bug ^^ It’s in the Pantry room. (

I was changing all of the walls inside the pantry to “Blue Plaster & Wood Wall”, and one of the walls seems to be displaying this texture upside-down (I think). The wall doing this is the wall directly to the right when you walk into the pantry from the kitchen.


everything under da map is now blue.

This now interferes with any builds players made below the ocean volume. This probably happens in other maps and has to do with the new Water Effects.

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Dynamic Lights still don’t render on most map surfaces.

Note: Red is a Dynamic light, while the room light is white.

Map lights still render because they’re Stationary lights I think.

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The light in the Upstairs central room / “Master Bedroom” broke. someone forgot to replace the bulb.


Normal Map inverted for world align materials on the courtyard balcony.

This is a wider standing issue with world align materials in general, but most condo surfaces don’t suffer from this.

Comparison to normal normal maps (non-world align)

FPS takes a significant drop in the northern half of the courtyard while in daylight, but is fine at night.

While looking at this area during daytime, the FPS will constantly jump from ~25 to ~60

I’ve been having fps drops in the courtyard area specifically too, although for me it lags at any time of day. it also only seems to happen after ive placed down a certain amount of items in the condo (not enough to justify the items alone making the frames drop as much as they do, though)

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i can confirm that ive experienced an fps difference depending on the time of day, maybe more or less depending on your rig since cal doesn’t seem to experience it

i used to have a pretty crappy rig, gt 1030 with whatever i don’t know cpu & 8 gb of ram, i distinctly remember the game running much much better during nighttime, i’d say 20, 30 fps increase

with my current rig (rtx 3060, ryzen 5 5600G, 16 gb ram), i haven’t noticed any huge distinctive increase/decrease in fps so i think it’s definitely somewhat dependent on your specs

i’ll do a bit of testing and update this later if i remember to…