Many suggestions

I’ve been thinking about what I would like to see in this super-awesome-best game ever, so I decided to post this topic containing some of my top suggestions.

Suggestion #1

Vehicles to ride in Plaza
If players are going to be able to ride some vehicles in Plaza (meaning outside their home), I’d like to see following things as vehicles you can ride:
Broom - Flying on a broom like a witch, could either be at low height or any height like a jetpack
Hoverboard - Like a skateboard (which was probably already suggested a million times) but you levitate from the ground
Pogo Stick - Would be super fun jumping around on a pogo stick!
Scooter - …maybe, idk
Shopping cart - Probably not the best idea, but I find it fun if someone could push you around in a shopping cart

Suggestion #2

Some pet ideas
I think it would be cool if you could walk your pet(s) around plaza, or if there would be some sort of a park where you could walk your pet, play fetch with them, play with other pets or hang out with your friends (and their pets).
Another idea is that maybe you could have a pet rabbit instead of a dog or a car, or maybe a bird, chicken or a little pig?

Suggestion #3

Taunt/animation ideas
Something I’d like to see is that players have partnered taunts/animations, here are some examples:
High Five - Players can high five each other
Bro Fist - Players can bro-fist each other
Hug - Players can hug each other :blush:
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Players can play RPS against each other, and they can pick which element do they want to throw
Conga - Players can form a dancing line (I find this really fun)
Piggypack Ride - You can give your friend a ride on your back (super fun idea)

Suggestion #4

Board games
If players would be able to buy and play different types of board games, chess or card games with their friends at the table in their or their friends condo in real time.

Suggestion #5

There could be stores where you could buy different costumes (and masks, facepaints and so on…).
It would be awesome if you could see everyone in Plaza dressed in costumes during Halloween or whenever.

Suggestion #6

Speaks for itself, players could buy lottery tickets or play lottery.

Bonus suggestions

Shopping Mall
It would be cool if there would be a shopping mall where you could visit different stores, buy different things like clothing, hats, pets, clothing for pets, furniture, and there would also be caffe shops and restaurants or pizza places where you could hang out with your friends.

Costumes and accessorizes
I think zombie, alien, werewolf, animal costumes and such would be cool for Halloween.
It would be also cool if you could buy a balloon somewhere, hold it, attach it to something (like your bike, scooter or something, or a piece of furniture) or give it to someone else.

You could buy flowers and give them to someone, leave them at someones condo or something.


I like how you laid this out :slight_smile:

In regards to the Lottery though. Even though it would be good because new players would be able to get some starting cash. BUT there is always that one guy who has to buy nearly ALL the tickets and then just win even more money to do it again.

If there was a way of restricting how many tickets you could buy, that would work!

Yeah, if you could buy only one or few tickets, it would work.
Anyway thank you for you comment :smiley:

All nice ideas in one place.
I would like to see hoverboards in the future. They may be funny.


Thank you. And same. :smile:

Definitely like this idea. Can serve as a useful speed boost, though I’m more for vehicles that make sense in the world as in the middle three.

Unsure if these are already planned but with the inclusion of pets these seem very necessary.

These have been requested several times. Still like the idea though, especially the hug/bro-fist <3

RIP Suggestion #4

If I recall this has also been suggested. Like the idea, but probably better to just include the framework and have users submit he games themselves through the Workshop.

There should be something like this in store for holiday events like Halloween, certainly.

On the fence about this. I’d prefer a randomized stock market myself tbh.

I’m unsure how the devs are planning to institute stores but I think a mall would be a cool idea to do that. Seems to fit the universe very much so.

I would love to see flowers both plantable and purchasable.

Thank you, btw fixed the numbers, sorry for that.

Oh and I love the idea of players being able to create their games and to be able to submit them through the Workshop!

I honestly think that High Five thing, if executed properly, much like the high five taunt from Team Fortress 2, could be a fun feature.

Yeah. I also think other ones (like Conga or Piggyback Ride) would be really fun in multiplayer.