Many Sugestions

Hello, I Am LilAsuka! I believe I have tons of wonderful ideas to join forces to this community!

1, Make a direct Message Chat option!
2, Make Partying Players Possible!
3, Make Clans :slight_smile:
4, Bring Checkers and Chess to plaza!
5, Bring Ice breaker to Arcade!
6, Make a Cafe! Where we could chill and etc and could make mini games towards cooking People do like cooking games!
7, Make a pets store with many different pets! and different pet color options!
8, Be able to name your pets!
9, Make There be a majority playlist skip!
10, No More songs allow over 8mins!
11, bring skateboards long boards as rides !
12, make a surfing mini game at the beach!
13, make a maze game where we would have try get through the maze! within a certain time limit
14, make seasons possible ! change atmosphere !
15, bring Dance Dance Revolution mini game to arcade!
16, Make a trampoline mini game!
17, bring Bumper cars to plaza!
18, Bring Pinball to Arcade!
19, Make a shuffle board!
20, Make a Horse shoes Game!
21, Make a bull riding mini game!
22, Haunt House Mini Game!
23, Mirror MIni Game
24, Bring in darts to casino!

some of these suggestions are already planned in the near future updates such as chess, bumper cars and haunted house which is called “horror hill”.

and some are already exist in-game such as direct message (via steam if you click on “message” at your friends list menu.

you can check their development here:

althought i do want a cafe store to buy coffee and other related caffein drinks


Just a heads up but suggestion posts should only be able one specific thing (like a single suggestion, or multiple suggestions for a single part of the game rather than a large list of suggestions).

Also there are a few of these that are planned:

  • Bumper cars is planned, there’s a building for it at the boardwalk but you can’t go in yet.
  • I think checkers and chess are both planned, but I’m not sure if they’re gonna be in the plaza or if they’re just gonna be items you can put in condos.
  • There’s an upcoming horror-themed gameworld called Horror Hill, which will probably also have a haunted house map in it.
  • One of the devs (macdguy) has said he wants to make a pinball machine for the arcade before, but idk if those are 100% confirmed.
  • Dart boards are planned for the arcade (idk if they’ll be in the casino though).
  • You’ll be able to group up with people and join games together in the future.
  • Not sure if a cafe will get added, but cooking will be a thing.

the plaza and main menu do this, it just doesn’t have a “spring” mode. unless you meant for condos? but that’s kind of up to the players to do

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