Many nature themed items

I suggested in the past an idea for a new shop which sold different types of nature items such as trees, plants, bushes, grass floor, stone floor, etc.

I have some more nature items that would be great additions:

  • Different types of waterfalls/fountains (like the one featured in the new game world ports area)
  • Statues and stone art such as Chinese dragons, Buddhas, Japanese warriors, Yin Yang symbols, etc.
  • Stepping stones (round stone and wood variants and rectangular stones like the ones in the condo garden)
  • Bridges (standard wooden bridge or red Japanese themed bridge)
  • Different types of plants including water plants or water bushes & lilypads)
  • Different types of pillars including wooden, marble and stone (Greek pillars)
  • Traditional Archways such as Japanese and/or Greek ones

And my favourite suggestion:

  • Water blocks

Water blocks could be an item similar to canvases (where size adjustments are concerned, but with adjustable Y axis for depth) and will allow players to create their own natural ponds, lakes, swimming pools, etc. This item alone could help create so many amazing ideas within player condos!

Thanks for reading :smile:


Apologies for the double post, previous one has been deleted.

Yes! yes! I want to make an overgrown condo!! Also a TON of potted plants on the ground and walls and and

Hey! I just saw this in Resort so I’m wondering if they could make it available for me to use so I can finally make a Bioshock condo out of Condo-Underwater. There’s invisible water by the pool so I’m wondering if it’s a “block” that they use that they could make available in Seasons, maybe?

I think water blocks are a planned item, but there were some problems making swimming work with them so they haven’t been added yet

I don’t know if they need to be “swimmable” but it would be kind of cool to be able to get the effect. Or don’t tease me lol T.T

Do you think they might be willing to give me a lily pad? I’d love to add it to Froggle Rawk

Oh, I think you can get ones that aren’t swimmable by putting the water texture on a canvas wall/cube

But you don’t get the splash effect and they don’t lay like that. Or, maybe, I’m doing it wrong =(

Oh, yeah it doesn’t really do anything like that besides move slightly

And I know it’s just me wanting the effect. But I ran across it again today in Condo-Resort but I was like, “Damn, I wish I could use this somewhere.” Feels like a tease lol