Manta Ray is not selectable in my condo!

I set up a large aquarium in one of the living room areas in the Highrise Condo, and put a Manta Ray in it. I noticed it wasn’t swimming around, so I wanted to take it out. I couldn’t select it, so I took everything else out first, seeing if it was just being blocked. After everything else was out, and I still wasn’t able to select it, I put the aquarium back into my inventory. The Manta is now in my condo floor, flopping around, and still not selectable. I’ve tried v clipping, putting the aquarium back, resetting my game, and all the tools possible. And still nothing. If anyone could help, I’d be very thankful. :slight_smile:

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If you hold q, in to top right corner you will see a find items button. You can use that menu to find / stash items.


You’re amazing. Thank you

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