Making an Undertale Mod for Fallout 4

It’s awhile since I’ve been on this forum! I want some help, though. I plan on making a mod in Fallout 4 when the G.E.C.K comes out. The mod will add several followers and settlers that are all characters from Undertale. Do you guys have any suggestions or tips that may help me out?


I never seen a mod which crossed a RPG and a 3D Sandbox, so I have no idea what to suggest, but I wish you determination.

P.S. A Mettaton NPC would be fabulous :sunglasses:

There are more settlements that need your help,

more like




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You should be as dead as this thread was before you posted that

I just came back. I’ve been busy hides Video Games behind back

You should add it to Xbox one because there isn’t meny undertale mods there’s a radio station and food mods that’s it please

Hi, you must be new to the forums, and welcome! We hope your enjoying your stay. Please however check when a thread was made before you bump it/post a new reply.


There’s nothing wrong with necroing as long as it contributes to the topic, which he did.

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