Make toon shading a selectable option outside of the workshop editor

I thought cell shading was the coolest shit growing up. That said, every time I’m wanting to submit a model, I’m always tempted to turn on the toon shader, even though it’s largely out of context for the submission. Some people have even submitted the same model twice in their indecision, wanting a “toon version” as well.

ALSO! This would give us the option to put toon shading on workshop models that aren’t our own, especially older ones that were submitted before this option was available. This isn’t even an option if you aren’t the owner of a specific workshop model.

I don’t know how technical feasible this would be, but would it be possible to turn toon shaders for player models into a wearable item instead of a permanent checkbox for workshop submissions? I can’t imagine it being too hard since it’s just a check box that renders instantly in the workshop menu.