Make the Plaza music speakers louder

I personally think they should be at least doubled in volume. Even standing right on them with music at full, they are not loud enough and are nearly impossible to hear when just a few feet away. These tunes are REALLY good and I would love to hear them more- I would even go so far as to say they should be omnipresent in the lobby and not solely based out of these speakers. The old Lobby3 song from GMT got remixed and put on these speakers, and it is seriously a dream come true for me, as it’s one of my favorite songs from any game. I also think that the songs from these speakers, along with Event Horizon’s, should be on the soundtrack!
… Sorry for ranting. I’d just like to hear these songs better.

I personally think the volume is fine. But the radius deserves a little increase, but yes!, standing close/on/under the speakers needs a buff to make them loud enough to hear properly!!!


make them just a little too loud when you’re standing too close for that ‘you’re not supposed to stand this close to them’ vibe


we need another speaker on the left and right to make up for radius, make them all play the same music in unison, however.

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