Make the new main menu click-to-select rather than hover-to-select

The current hover-to-select system in the menus makes it unnecessarily annoying and tedious to actually choose your desired menu option, particularly aggravated by the fact that you can click the menu options, but they do absolutely nothing.

In the above clip, I demonstrate trying to launch a condo in the condo menu. Normally, you would move your cursor directly to the condo you want to select, but since the “Visit Other Player Condos” button is in the way, attempting to do so just switches things to that menu. To actually select your condo, you have to carefully maneuver your mouse to the right (as to not accidentally select the other menu option), and then select your desired choice, both increasing the amount of time it takes to select an option, and the distance you have to move your cursor to select it.

I think hovering on these side menus is a lot better than needing to click, but accidental hover is a problem.

Should try making it require the hover to be between 0.2 - 0.5 seconds before activating. Intentional hovers will activate with little-to-no delay from the user’s perspective, but quickly sliding your mouse past it to get to the main container won’t accidentally activate it.

To be honest I don’t like the new menu at all, it doesn’t scale well to 1440p or 4k resolutions, along with the ultra sensitive hovering makes navigating it horrible. Also hitting escape should be another option to take us back to the previous menu.