Make the new condos' walls colorable

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id actually like to have dark green walls in my condos living room.
it would also be awesome if we could recolor textures.

you could go more in depth in the actual thread rather than the title, [quote=“vtipoman, post:1, topic:16140, full:true”]
Post must be at least 20 characters
they made that rule for a reason you bungus

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There’s literally nothing more I can add. I already described the entire idea in the thread’s name.

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you could copy paste the title into the actual thread u bungus

The Suite will not be customizable as it is meant to be a condo for the lowest end players, and to replicate the old GMT feel.

House is not fully complete and there for some of the features such as light coloring or wall coloring is not completely implemented.



I have made a discussion and it’s apparently being added in the next update :wink:

This was a change of mind after the huge demand for it.

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But the suite is colourable

This is from before the plan was changed to allow customizable wallpapers/flooring and time of day in the Suite.

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Oh ok