Make the Chessboard Item Functional

It would be really fun to play some chess with people in your condo. It’d also be nice if there were chessboards around the plaza, so you could play with anyone in the plaza as well.

Bringing this and the Checkers board from GMT back would be great :smiley:


Can’t play chess but i’ll play checkers

I recall this being planned, but the chessboard doesn’t have an “Unfinished” tag as many other non-yet-functional items do… :thinking:

They should add a playable Connect4


Conn4ct ™

Despite not knowing how to play chess, I’m totally down for this. Having it included in Tower Unite would be more of an incentive for me to learn. I’d like to see smaller “sit-down” games like mancala (with TU-themed pieces) for the plaza/condos that could potentially encourage people to interact with others more often.


Wait, what about those tic-tac-toe tables from GMT that I recall being placed at plaza? I would love these back!

The models for most of the minigames are ready to go, but just need the coding for it done. They’ll probably be released with the Arcade update.


Yes I need more (if any) condo activities other than watching videos

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