Make the buttons for playable instruments changeable?

So I was playing around with my drums as usual, and I wanted to make the kick for it set to B for easier access. I went to the options to find that there was no option to change it. Is there going to be a option to change keys for instruments any time soon?

I’ll be honest, we haven’t touched instruments in awhile. Now that we have key binding, it should be pretty easy to hook up the drums to the key binding system. As for piano… that’s gonna be a lot of binds…


I would really like to change the piano binds since it can be very hard to hit capital letter notes from lower case ones right after another.

Please, take your time. It would be awesome if you could add keybindings for drums in the next update.I would not mind waiting for a update where you can change the key bindings for ALL the instruments, though. Whatever is the easiest and less stressful.