Make swear filter apply to items that support text

So if you’re in your own condo, private, swear filter off, there are still some words that the game doesn’t let you say. You can however, at least as far as I can tell, still use these words on items like the Notebook, Floating Text, and Santa’s Workshop sign.

I think that if you can’t use them in chat or Text Hats, that you shouldn’t be able to use them with these items either, just for consistency sake. Like if someone really wants to get racist, they can do it with canvases or with laser projector expressions, but don’t give them that ability with the giant floating glowing text fields.

I assume they’d handle it the same way the Text Hat does, where if you put in a word and hit finish it won’t display on the actual item, instead being censored out with asterisks, but if you go back into the field it’ll still show. Though I guess with the Text Hat edit field only you can see it, if you have co-op condo builders they would be able to see it too. Maybe replace the words with asterisks after you exit out of the edit dialogue? Doing it in real time seems like it could get a bit annoying if part of a word that’s fine contains another word that gets filtered, like “spices”, which was one that would get caught up in chat previously.