Make Scores Client Side at End of Game to Minimize Booting

Hosts sometimes choose to exit prematurely at the end of games, causing you to be sent to the main menu instead of back to the Plaza of the server you were on. Somehow make that end of games client side or possible for Hosts not to boot everyone to Menu.

I’m a bit confused about what you are suggesting. To clarify, you want this (and correct me if I’m wrong):
When the host leaves after the end of a game but before the timeout, don’t boot everyone automatically.

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Don’t boot anyone at all is what I want. If people want to disconnect they can. But let everyone rejoin the lobby who doesn’t want to disconnect, even if the host quits early.

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yeah, they just can’t take few clicks and seconds for manually reconecting the lobby.

Shouldn’t have to, should work like it’s intended to, takes you back to the lobby when the game is over. It should do that with or without the host.

It normally takes 20 seconds to take to lobby from gameworld, you can take like 5-7 seconds by connect to lobby by menu.