Make Redeemables and Alcohol Placeable in the Plaza

Right now, you can only place fireworks in the plaza, but it’d be nice if we could place down redeemables and beer too. That way, we could have parties and get drunk at Project 12 (which will be great when we get puke particles) and after a treasure from sea event we would be able to open our gold catsack(s) and other redeemable items without having to go back to our condos.

Now this is epic

Yes, definitely. This would be so great.

As long as they didn’t collide with players or obscure vision, sure! There was a problem with fireworks a long time ago where players could place them in front of the gameworld port queue. Again, as long as this could be implemented in a non-disruptive way, sure.

Yes! it takes so long to get back to my condo just to open a catsack.

I miss walking around the plaza and seeing blood and puke everywhere


The day cooking comes out im going to start aging a lot of wine so I can have the best wine in TU.