Make Plaza Music Global

I love the plaza music coming from the speakers, but I feel like right now they’re way too limited. You can only really hear it by the central fountain and I think that making it global background music, maybe even offering a setting to switch from background music to in-game music could work a lot better.


…there’s plaza music?

-edit- can confirm the music is indeed pleasant and I’m a tiny bit sad I didn’t even hear it til now.

How about Taking that Speaker and Putting it all over the place?

like for example the ferris wheel
or in the casino lobby, or in the arcade, or in the gameworlds hub thingy
or anywhere really


I’d honestly prefer it just be BG music when not doing any activities.

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lobby 2 did have this but it was kinda broken and kept cutting out or not playing

but i agree, or just make the speakers 100x loader sound radius since i can barely hear the music even when im next to it

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