Make players at a distance appear as wisps

This is an optimization / performance type of suggestion, but since I’m no gamedev I’m not sure if it’ll actually help, just sounded like it’d make sense.

Add an option to choose how far players can load other players, their accessories and workshop avatars.
So at X amount of distance from the player will load other players as wisps, and another X amount of distance from those players will completely hide them.

Again I’m no gamedev so this might not even work. But since workshop silent downloading of models has been making everyone stutter since the update, why not try to “funnel” that in the meantime by restricting everything by a shorter distance?

Your Graphic looks like a man that is exploding and then ceasing to exist.


Man turns to explosions, marked as a terrorist act, and is denied access to the plaza


Why ddi he explode, didnt read what you wrote, but why is this guy exploding

Looks like the
SPOILER (Maybe) :

Avengers : Infinity War ending

There is a distance limit, but I could also lower it and maybe add a setting.


I’d like to have an option. I don’t have many performance issues since I have a higher end system, so I like being able to render players further.