Make Metal Detecting Client-Side, permanent and more

Something that should be relaxing for all players turns into a competition when the event comes.
People jet-packing and using speed shoes to rush from one chest to the next and some players lose out on the event in a server with 15+ players going for the event. It’s a nice event but a lot could be improved.

I don’t know the technical background of TU, but metal detecting should be a permanent thing so players can enjoy the passtime whenever they’d like, similar to fishing in a way.

In addition chests should be greatly reduced in spawn-rate and made client-side (Two chests somewhere on any beach at any given time), this way players can spend their time roaming the beaches in search for treasure without fear of it being taken. Bringing back the relaxing side of what metal detecting gives.

With these changes the item pool for treasure chests should be expanded. Furniture items like spilt drink and beach lounger should be removed, items that would be akin to actual treasure should remain.
A suggested list of items the buried treasure could contain:

  • Quarter
  • Pile of Units
  • Bag of Units
  • Gold Bar
  • Pile of Gold Bars
  • Treasure Chest
  • Gem
  • Gold Catsack

Obviously with rarities and additional items this can be expanded upon.
This is just a personal opinion though, as I believe making metal detecting competitive due to the ability to steal eachother’s chests ruins what could of been a relaxing passtime.

I agree, metal detecting has become a lot more competitive than it was probably intended to be. Much like the remains event from Halloween with a similar premise, players would use speed shoes to gain an advantage making the game seem pay to win.

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Client sided probably comes with its own set of issues. I’d say have treasure appear normally on the beach but at a much lower rate and then have the event happen as normal so that there’s loads available during it. I didn’t have too much trouble getting a fair bit on a full server last night and I don’t have speed shoes.

I was about to suggest this exact thing!

Like you said I’m a little disappointed the metal detector only works with a specific event and not something you can just casually use. Imagine if you had to wait for an event to go fishing…

But if there are limitations and an event really is the only option. Like OP mentioned making the treasure client-side is absolutely needed. Backers have way too much of an advantages with speed shoes.

These changes shouldn’t just be exclusive to the treasure event though, forgotten remains (if that makes a return) and all future “Items spawned, go grab them!” events need this.

Gonna repost what I said on a different metal detector thread:

I personally like the special event for the metal detector event, but I do think it needs to be a thing outside of the events as well. The event would just make it so that significantly more treasure spawns, and maybe even provide unique loot.

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I agree that the metal detector should be able to be used at any time, and I have an idea of how to make it work. Take the current odds from the metal detector event, cut them in half, and let players use the metal detector anywhere with those new odds. Then, when the metal detector event comes up, keep or slightly boost the current odds of rare items while reducing the odds of common items during the event! It could be called “Gold Rush” or something. For example:

Odds while using the metal detector (No event present)

Numbers are presented as an approximate percentage chance.

(These odds are NOT official, and are just for proof-of-concept.)

30.0 or greater - Quarter
25.0 - Pile of Units
15.0 - Bag of Units
10.0 - Gold Bar
5.0 - Pile of Gold Bars
2.5 - Treasure Chest
1.0 - Gem
0.1 or less - Gold Catsack

Odds while using the metal detector (During metal detector event)

(These odds are NOT official, and are just for proof-of-concept.)

25.0 or greater - Quarter
20.0 - Pile of Units
15.0 - Bag of Units
15.0 - Gold Bar
10.0 - Pile of Gold Bars
8.5 - Treasure Chest
5.0 - Gem
1.0 or less - Gold Catsack

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