Make Magic Trampoline the Default Item for Fruit Frenzy

With the recent update, Fruit Frenzy has become one of my least favorite event. That fast pace of trying to get as many fruits with the magic trampoline is what made it a lot more interesting and that seemed to be patched out now.

I was thinking, what if everyone gets a Magic Trampoline item for this event? It certainly would feel more fair that way and still keeps the event fun.

Suggesting the thing literally everyone was thinking. I hope they do this, otherwise I’m only participating in target practice.


Whoever decided Fruit Frenzy was ready for release back in 0.6 was having a stroke of fucking stupid. The minigame needs a rework with this and better trampoline netcode, as it very quickly becomes harder and harder to play the higher ping you have.

The Magic Trampoline actually gave you a semblance of strategy, where you could aim at bunched-up groups of fruit. Without it, you simply don’t have the speed or movement to keep a combo higher than maybe 3.


I agree wholeheartedly. Fruit Frenzy with the trampoline felt so natural it should have just been part of the game to begin with. The trampoline enables extra movement to keep up combos that are definitely FAR more difficult to continue without it, not to mention how fun and rewarding the game feels with it.


I dunno about this, it seems like a bad solution. But fruit frenzy is definitely terrible. It would help if the trampoline was flat and you had actually good air control.

And that the trampoline didn’t force you inward at every single bounce

Yeah, that’s what I mean- it should just be flat.

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I disagree that it’s a bad solution. In my opinion the magic trampoline added a type of mobility to the game that it kinda desperately needs. Even if the ground trampoline was flat, you could move faster, and had better control, you’re still going to lose combos because either:

  • no fruit is spawned around you
  • once you’re up in the air, you have to wait till gravity does its job for you to have a chance at more fruit

Aiming for fruit clusters when available and trying to keep a combo up by making big leaps with the magic trampoline were the best parts of Fruit Frenzy in my opinion. Without it, it kinda just becomes “move towards the nearest fruit”.


Marking as resolved as Fruit Frenzy now has air dash.