Make it uncapped fps when hosting a game

Why is it when a host makes a game for ballrace, minigold, ext ext, it’s capped to 60fps for the host?

It would be great if the host would get the same uncapped fps as other players.

IIRC, it’s a temporary workaround for an issue where, due to an engine limitation or something of that sort, if the host’s frame rate was higher than 60 it would cause game physics and syncing issues.

But then singleplayer for the host is fine? Wouldn’t that cause issues as well to the host playing? and how come when other players have higher fps than the host and interact with the map, it doesn’t affect the host in any way?

For singleplayer, there’s nothing being networked, so the FPS can be uncapped.

When the host is hosting, they’re processing all network events from other players, which is tied to the FPS. In our testing after a specific engine upgrade, we observed that games with hosts with uncapped FPS would become unstable, with network frames being dropped, etc.

Epic fixed this specific problem with the dedicated servers, having the networking system operate on a different “cycle” not tied to the FPS, but the fixes were never applied to the “listen” servers (AKA player hosting a gameworld/condo from Tower itself).