Make harder minigolf courses and ball race maps give more units


currently, there isn’t much point to going for the harder maps on ball race and minigolf. you get the same payout, but with more difficulty. I guess there seem to be more melons in the harder ball race maps, however if you’re playing alone that doesn’t matter as melons don’t count in singleplayer. there should be a unit multiplier depending on the map difficulty you’re playing on, but that’s just my suggestion.
you might say, “but won’t that mean nobody will play on the easier maps?” well, i personally think that this change will make new players play on the easier maps, to get better at the games, while the experienced players will play on the harder maps, which is in my eyes how it should be. currently, nobody in their right fucking mind will play maps like prism, unless they’re masochists.

the main problem i personally see with this is that ball race already pays out way too many units, but that’s not really a problem with this idea, it’s just a problem with ball race’s payouts.


Scaling payouts based on map difficulty is already a planned feature.


thank chirst


I think you mean, Thanks Caboose


Yeah that too


Well i guess im absolutely crazy because i found prism relatively easy when i played it.


or find the easier maps not that much fun


why have fun when you can have money


I rarely fall off on maps like Prism.


because I play videogames for fun

(Plus, you do still get units from the harder maps, it’s not like you’ll end up broke if you only play Prism or Memories. I’m not saying they shouldn’t pay out more than regular maps, though. Question is, should the hard maps get buffed, or the easy maps nerfed? Both?)


Can we add a “realistic” or “hardcore” mode and call the default one “arcade”? The new mode would add some random ball velocities or angles or whatever so the ball isn’t always ending up in the same spot ever hit, current mode is kinda boring that way


what i said was a joke


I agree, you just need to be a little patient and perceptive of your course, and its a cinch