Make golf payout as soon as the player sinks their hole

Played a few matches of golf today where the host quit before I got my payout even though I had sunk my hole. A bit annoying, would be nice if the host quitting suddenly didn’t throw away the units I had just earned, seems like a simple QoL change that would fix a small issue.

Also, I’m unaware if the hole in one value has been buffed, if it has been could someone tell me what a hole in one is worth now?

Hole in One are 1000 Units

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  1. Combined with the Thanks for playing its 1000

Having payouts happen for individuals at different times would increase the chances of people leaving after they finished their hole.

Also, if a host is disconnecting before the payout - they are a bad host. We have had talks on how to best handle that, but have not developed a solution just yet. For now, I would advise picking a different host in the future.


Namedropping the person who minorly inconvenienced you on a public forum is kinda bad form IMO.


It was a pretty light jab and not against the guidelines as far as I can tell, but if it’s that much of a problem I will edit the op.