Make Gamemodes Worthwhile Again

TL;DR: Raise unit output of gamemodes, or lower unit output of casino. Until then, gamemodes will continue to be untouched (besides like, minigolf).


Mac said they’re still working on Casino odds. I’d say the slots are going to be harder to profit off of in due time.


My grand quest ;-;


I imagine with the casino out it will take a while for the devs to figure out how to balance everything again :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind a unit boost on Gameworld games. Maybe an additional 50+ units every time you clear a stage in ballrace without death.

I find it strange, how games with actual interaction pay out way less then a slot machine, where all you do is mash space all day.

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Wait, people don’t play games for fun?

Too bad that one part of fun is locked behind an in-game paywall.

What are you referring to?

Customizing your condos with furniture, canvas, platforms. That kind of stuff.
Some of them require you to grind them for quite a bit. Raising the gamemode payout a bit could make some easier progress for everyone. My condo costs around almost 2 million for sure. Most of it was done due endless grinding in ballrace.

I love designing my condo.

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I totally agree with you. I love playing the gamemodes for fun, but because I also love designing my condo, I have to sit and grind slot machines even though it isn’t any fun for me.


But you don’t fix that by ‘giving additional 50+ units if you cleared a stage without death’. This would just result in players grinding the same easy maps over and over again even more.

The next thing they should change IMO is making the payout more balanced and based on difficulty. Harder and longer maps should reward you more if you do it right simple as that. Reward skill in the PvE map. If you are really good, playing the hardest map should give you the most “units per hour” not the easiest one.


Totally agree with you here.

The reason i stopped playing this game for a while cause at a point in my life i would wake up every day to grind ballrace all by myself because it was impossible to buy the stuff i wanted.

If they nerf the casino and wont buff anything, just sounds like i’ll be taking a break again until arcade or something.

Again, why I think they should buff gamemode output and give incentive for players to play gamemodes together.