Make Cosmic a guaranteed reward for opening 2500 Silvers or 100 Golds

Upon thinking it over a bit more, I think there’s a good point there somewhere. I still don’t think that there should be a pity timer, but the suggestion of cosmics at other late game milestones (1 million XP, etc.), might be a good balance.

The thing is, that hopeless struggle with no end in sight, is what gambling is. I’ve grinded for literally 12 hours straight until I couldn’t stay awake anymore at the casino, only to not get the jackpot, and have also spent millions on silver catsacks, no cosmics for me either. It’s the worst, and it bothers me a lot having no end in sight, but the other side of it is that maybe the very next spin/catsack is the lucky one, no end could mean never, but it could also mean right now. It is complex, but to me that defines the gambling experience, every pull of the slots could be the one.

I think cosmics might be a bit too rare (Especially with items eventually locked behind them), and adjusting the odds, or guaranteeing them at certain milestones should be done delicately. Though if cosmics are available in this way, I don’t think it should be through a pity timer

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Getting a Golden Catsack from redeeming your Arcade Tickets or reaching every 250k exp could also be a neat idea. The more ways you can earn Golden Catsacks, the better the chances to get the Cosmic ones.