Make Cosmic a guaranteed reward for opening 2500 Silvers or 100 Golds

Yep. This is called a pity timer, and I think it’s fair to at least guarantee something rare after so many attempts. Even if it’s something like 200 or 300 gold catsacks.


I think there should just be other ways to get cosmic catsacks besides opening gold catsacks, which is planned. I’ve opened about ~1,500 gold catsacks and have only gotten 4 cosmics. Making them guaranteed would make them less elusive imo

I’ve been sitting on at 13 mil for ages because I know as soon as cosmics are openable the complaints are going to pour in that they are too rare. I have one so far after spending a few mil.

I’m fine with them being as rare as they are, because I just want some things in the game hard to obtain, but I know I’m going to feel burned if the rates do change.

I’d be sitting on more money if I didn’t catch 1300+ more fish trying to get a screamy boy, still not a single one.

I’m fine with a pity timer, I’d just want it to be a relatively high one. I just want cosmic items to be one of those things that are more rare and impressive to see.

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I’m good with a pity timer. Make it high. 321 gold or 3210 silver would be the lowest I’d go. Just spit out a cosmic when both those events are hit.

Where did you get this number from?

probably from how many they opened :^)

i don’t think they should be that high though
1500 silvers and 80 golds these numbers are just lesser versions of the original numbers
but maybe not /shrug these numbers will vary between people

i do think having a pity reward at all is a good idea
the items that come from cosmics are meant to be hard to get however they shouldn’t be RNG hard to get there should also be other ways of getting cosmics such as very hard milestones or achievements or getting every achievement


It’s pretty brutal as-is. Maybe there could be some sort of system where you get points for redeeming different types of catsacks (the amount would change depending on the rarity) and you could use those to purchase more. It’d be something like a participation bonus, and if you’re really wanting a cosmic catsack you could just save up until you get the amount of points required. We’ve been told that there will eventually be other ways to obtain cosmics and that’s great, but something like this would make the process of opening rewarding even if you’re getting gold bars from gold catsacks.

Even then, I still think that cosmics should take a while to obtain so I’m not sure if I’d agree with a pity timer.

A pity timer wouldn’t be needed if there were other ways to get cosmics and gold cats. I think a guaranteed way of obtaining cosmics would make them less valuable. Maybe fishing could have catsacks be caught there? Also maybe have silver/gold catsacks as ticket prizes at the arcade


yeah but i think that’s a good thing really?
RNG is fine but when you have too much it’s just not good.

currently cosmics can only be obtained through a low drop chance on gold catsacks, which already have a low drop rate on silver catsacks which each cost 10k. that’s a lot.

and even if the RNG is not going to change there should be a few one-time guaranteed methods of getting cosmics and a few repeatable methods of getting golds (not super easily obviously)
I do like the suggestion of gold catsacks from arcade in some way.

I just think they should be more obtainable than they are currently and I don’t really think they should be this valuable.


The thing about that is cosmics are going to have items that you will only need one of each. I.E: Cosmic Jetpack, Wowozela, and possibly other items that haven’t been announced. If there was a way to get a few one time guaranteed ones then what would be the point in getting more if you only need one of each item?

If you only need one of each item like you imply then you’d obviously not get more catsacks once you’ve got the items you wanted. The cosmics catsacks let you choose which item you want to get from them, and also there could be items that would be good in multiples such as props or pets and such.

I just think they should feel more earned. Rather than a bit of luck, which a progressive chance increase from catsacks opened (etc the percentage increases the more you open them) or a pity timer would at least make it feel earned in some sense than just random luck. Having very DIFFICULT one time ways to get a few cosmics would just give a proper hard difficult goal, and I’m not saying these have to be easy methods, for example one of them could be get every achievement for all gameworlds.

Perhaps this will change a bit when actual items are behind cosmic cat sacks, but just being given one kind defeats the purpose, they’re a symbol of extraordinary luck and/or wealth (And nothing else for now), so being handed one might be a negative experience for some people, and feel like they lost, and the game took pity on them.

I can sorta see a one-time obtainable cosmic, and I suppose that isn’t the worst idea as long as it isn’t repeatable, but that gives off the air of mobile games that start you with tons of premium currency or chests, just to give you enough of a taste that you fork over cash to get more (Even if, in this case, there isn’t any real money exchanged, it’s weird to sort of encourage/wean people on to gambling).

Increasing ways to get golden cat sacks might be a good start, but cosmics are valuable specifically because of their rarity, and would be far more abundant and less sought after if anybody who had enough money could essentially “buy” one.

I’ve sunken millions into trying to get one, but if anything it’s a good late game money sink, and tough goal to strive for that isn’t super tedious (Except opening them, but catsacks are bugged atm, so that’s understandable).

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Being handed nothing after spending 34 million units and over 1500 hours IS a negative experience. That feels like I lost and I have nothing to do about it.

But it is exactly super tedious. I’ve done literally everything this game has to offer many times over. There is only money-grind left to get a cosmic. That’s tedious.

No it doesn’t. This is something you feel. The whole premise around catsacks is based on this.

Guild wars 2 has a system in place for one particular piece of loot - a container with a rare weapon of your choice in it - that has a low chance to drop from chests in a certain area. It also has a ‘pity timer’ in that if you don’t get one within opening 1000 chests you’re guaranteed one container. Only one. If you get one before the 1000 you don’t get the guaranteed one, and once you get it you can only get another through random chance.

If a pity timer is implemented, it could be limited in a similar way. You can get 1 or 2 cosmics from opening a ton of catsacks but that’s it. If you want anything after that you need to pray to the random number generator and hope for the best.

I think this would keep the rarity of cosmics while also allowing anyone who put in a ton of work for them to be somewhat compensated for their efforts.


I mean, in the end, it’s subjective. Personally, I don’t see it as tedious (As I said, with the exception of opening them), because playing games and earning units is a natural part of gameplay, you’re not really “grinding” for catsacks. A gambling system with no real money is fine, but my problem with a pity timer specifically is it seems like a gambling incentive, which isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it’s just off-putting.

Beyond all the specifics, I just don’t believe in the concept of a pity timer in general. I remember when I was younger playing games with cheat codes and such, and something I deemed unfair happened (Lost a specific item, or a lot of progress), I would just cheat to undo it because what happened didn’t feel fair so I could justify it. I’ve grown to hate that in retrospect, and it disregards the point of the game, the highs and lows, the bad moments contrasted by great ones. That’s what a pity timer feels like to me, and even if you think you want one, I don’t think anyone really does, it’s just the instant gratification.

Though this is a subjective issue, and I’m not a psychologist. I have my views, and I can’t make anybody else believe them. If a timer like this is added, I will disagree with its presence, but respect it if it’s really a majority decision. Maybe it really would be more enjoyable in the long run for some people, who knows, but people like me (And I know it’s more than just me) wouldn’t be super happy.

If something needs to change, just adjust the odds themselves a bit, of golden or cosmic catsacks, but that should be handled very carefully.

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i prefer the unfair rng to them, it makes them more thrilling to get rather than knowing you will get one for sure after a certain amount

maybe a better solution is to keep the rng but then also give a cosmic every 1mill exp on anything or something, i would only want this after cosmics actually do something than being a rare display piece though

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This level of mental gymnastics ought to be surprise me, but it really doesn’t. The instant gratification of 1500 hours of gameplay mhm yes

Eh, that’s just my personal belief, just the idea that “Oh, 1500 hours, this seems unfair, I should’ve gotten one by now”, doesn’t sit right. It’s chasing the end result over the process of getting there (That’s what I mean by “instant gratification”).

Yeah, I am chasing the end result. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the trip.

I want you to imagine a tunnel.
With a pure RNG system like we have now, there is no end in sight. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the tunnel could be the next meter or there could be another 10km, you will never know unless you keep grinding.
This type of end-game content is going to leave some people stuck in the tunnel until they decide they just don’t wanna find the end anymore, and then they leave. They never get to experience the end of the tunnel because they are at the mercy of a literal RNG.

Is this what you want? You want end-game content to be locked behind a random number generator? And if you didn’t get a good number, that’s too bad?
A pity timer solves this. It puts the end of the tunnel in sight, even if it’s 5km out. At least you know it’s 5km out and you can work towards it. Mathematically, as it stands right now, it’s possible someone could grind for literally ever and never get it.

Pity timers are not repeatable, and cosmic catsacks contain multiple items. Surely you can let us plebeians have one little end-game item if we work hard enough?

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Upon thinking it over a bit more, I think there’s a good point there somewhere. I still don’t think that there should be a pity timer, but the suggestion of cosmics at other late game milestones (1 million XP, etc.), might be a good balance.

The thing is, that hopeless struggle with no end in sight, is what gambling is. I’ve grinded for literally 12 hours straight until I couldn’t stay awake anymore at the casino, only to not get the jackpot, and have also spent millions on silver catsacks, no cosmics for me either. It’s the worst, and it bothers me a lot having no end in sight, but the other side of it is that maybe the very next spin/catsack is the lucky one, no end could mean never, but it could also mean right now. It is complex, but to me that defines the gambling experience, every pull of the slots could be the one.

I think cosmics might be a bit too rare (Especially with items eventually locked behind them), and adjusting the odds, or guaranteeing them at certain milestones should be done delicately. Though if cosmics are available in this way, I don’t think it should be through a pity timer

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