Make billboards/ads in the Plaza teleport you to the thing they're advertising

Just a small suggestion, but having the ads in the Plaza actually take you to what they’re advertising if you pressed E on them would make it way easier to go places like Rob’s Imports without knowing where it is beforehand.

I think they’re adding a map in the tab menu with a list of all the shops that’ll do the same thing but from anywhere.

That is a thing, but just being able to walk up to the ads and go to that place would be a nice quality of life feature, especially for newer players.

This would be a worse way of getting to the shops than the tab map, so if you knew about the tab map you’d never use it. They just make sure people are aware about the tab map when it gets added.

Not to mention that a new player’s instinct upon seeing a billboard isn’t likely to be walking up to it to see if it’s a teleporter. They might not even notice the billboards.

The map tab is already in the game…


You don’t have to use it if it does get added, you can still just use the tab map (which is already in the game by the way). I just think it would be nice if you could use the ads to go to the store or place instead of only having to walk or use the map.

Also I agree about letting people know about stuff like the map, there’s a lot of minor quality of life features like that (the item finder/weather for condos for example) that not a lot of people know about.


Players are not the humans in Wall-E. I think they’d be fine with walking to the store they saw the ad for, and even if they are that lazy, the teleport map is now available. It’s just not worth coding this.

make the advertisements show you the location they advertise on the map and make the mouse hover over it allowing players to see they can teleport to it or just walk

No but I think it would be fair to go closer to it to see possibly if you can interact with it for more information?

Humans would be if they could be. But they can’t. However this is a video game. Convenience features are just nice. You’re not lazy for using the teleporter in your virtual game that you are playing by probably sitting down.

Another thing to note is I don’t think a lot of people would be initially aware of the map. I think it would be good to maybe notify people of it in some way and the feature I mentioned in this reply of redirecting the player to that location on the map rather than directly to it would show the player there is a map.

This as well. Just because you may not see the point in a feature doesn’t mean others won’t as well. Some may find this useful.


Personally, I think it is a rather brilliant suggestion. If you are next to an ad, you might think that it would be good to go to that certain location and pressing e on the advertisment is much more convienent than looking on the map tab and trying to find the location on there.