Major lag spikes as of lately

Normally I can run this game really well (60+fps), but as of late, the game has been getting major freezes/lag spikes in every game mode; no matter the hardware usage.

My specs are:
AMD FX8350
GTX 1060
8GB Ram
Windows 10

I’ve monitored the game in task manager and it shows no signs that the game is ‘spiking in usage’. The telltale sign of when the ‘spike’ or lag will happen is when the in-game sounds start to slow down and become jaggedy, then the game freezes for a time.
This happens possibly every 40-60seconds, making the game unplayable.

The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen when I’m freeroaming the plaza.
Any ideas?

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Same problem with me, only with FX6300 and a 1070.

Do you happen to have a Corsair headset? If so, I found that closing iCUE helps a lot for some stupid reason…

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Unfortunately I don’t, but thanks for the reply.

i agree with the lag spikes, i am having them too, and the lower framerate? EW.

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I got massively lag spikes while starting the game.