Main menu and confetti weapon issues

Hello! I have a problem with Main menu of the game…whenever i launch the game, the menu is flashing and the confetti gun (normal and haloween one) crashes my game when someone shoots with it
CPU: Intel Core I5 2430M 2,40 GHz
RAM: 6,00GB
GPU: Radeon HD 6770M
OS: Win7 64

What GPU do you use?

There’s your problem right there.

Your GPU is much below the minimum requirements of Tower Unite. You should probably find a card with more than two gigabytes of VRAM.

EDIT: I’m gonna assume you have a laptop from your GPU. Unless you have a super ultra fancy laptop, it’s very recommended to play with a PC. They generally have more RAM and larger graphics cards, and can afford more power to things like processors.

Here are the system requirements for thread reference.

but TU was working fine for me like a month ago (except confetti gun crashing my game and some random error messages)

Could be a driver issue, try updating or even rolling back your display drivers.