Mail Service

A friend called the idea of being able to send letters to other player’s condos. Perhaps adding a little mail box at the entrance of each purchasable house where a player could interact to check for delivered mail. To send, you would have to buy envelopes where you could write the letter (with a character limit) and then find a post box somewhere in the lobby to send it. Perhaps even add a way to send it to random condos. Another interesting feature could be to send parcels to players (also randomly at choice) with items. I’m sure people would love to gift items to their friends and I think that could make it a viable way of doing so.

What do you guys think?

Yes for the letters, yes for potential postcards, no for the parcels. That’d allow for trading items, and if we’re going that route (which I don’t think would be a good idea to begin with), we can at least have a proper trading system.

The letters part also makes me really nostalgic.


I love Cp
P.S Good Idea

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I like how Club Penguin was the thing you thought of, because Animal Crossing was the first to come to mind for me, especially when they mentioned Parcels.

I’d love to send people letters to condos, it sounds fun and whimsical, but I gotta ask-- Why send letters when you can IM them through steam? Talk on chat?

Would it be possible to moderate what mail people receive? I don’t want a mailbox full of swastikas and ascii dicks, or anything obscene. My sister used to write horrible, horrible letters to her Animal Crossing villagers, and they’d always return with the sweetest replies.


Could be moderated the same way chat will be- on break the rules-get punished basis.
That, or we could clone Caboose and have him check each mail individually (and hopefully approve all those pending trivia question while he’s at it c:)

For the same reason mail still exists. There’s something magical about writing a letter, sending it off, and having it wait for the recipient to find.



I kinda really like the idea. Sending little gifts here and there, maybe even have the postcards that people send put up for display somewhere too. Of course they would have to be images hand-picked by the staff rather than allowing people to make their own to avoid people sending images of lemonparty to other people in the game.

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I remember talking about a fun system of writing letters in a bottle and sending them out to the sea in the plaza and that message in a bottle could be a item obtained by fishing and I still think this would be a great idea and would be a lot of fun to use, course there can be moderation but I think if this system were to exist it would have a report button ON the letter when it is received so that you can report inappropriate messages after receiving them saving the developers time sifting through each message sent into the bottle system.

If the parcels cost a good amount of credit, it would make sending a gift expensive, making trading not entirely reliable through parcels. In addition, there could be some item changes when its sent by parcel and by that I mean (Imagine the scenario): Person gets a potato out of the spin to lose, they think it would be funny to send it to a random condo, they buy a parcel for 10k (or 5k or 15k or 20k, whatever devs see fit) and they send it to the condo. Person goes to the condo and find a box on the mailbox, they open it, some confetti comes out and they pick up the item which in its description shows who gifted it, or that it was gifted (if the person wants to remain anon).

I see the parcel system more of a gift and silly aspect, rather than trading aspect

Plus, as people start reporting inappropriate messages, the devs would shift through the reported messages and check. If a word or quirk or copy pasta is reported, they add it to the filters so it wont be used again. If they judge it right, they could also ban a player for sending such messages. In addition, if your message was reported and accepted, they could ban a person from sending letter in a definite time, or all together

I’d like this a lot. Add in some cool paper effects you can buy/unlock and some nice decorative elements and I could see myself using it a fair bit. Especially if you could display them in condos if there’s one you really like. Same goes for postcards with custom images!

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