Luckiest Shuffle Time!

I was playing P4G, and in Shuffle Time I got this:

A 4 more! with Skill Lvl up and Persona lvl up, and on the side a money up and chest key, once more this clears the shuffle thing, so I get more for next Shuffle!

Anyone who hasn’t played Persona will probably have no idea what im talking about, But anyone who does, all aboard the Persona 5 Hype Train!

Persona 5 hype!!!
But seriously, I haven’t played P4G so I have no clue what you are talking about (“shuffle time”) but I’ve played P3 FES and PQ and I want to play P4G soon

So is Persona like a card game? I’ve never even touched the series.

@Arctiq No its a turn-based rpg, with an amazing story. At the end of battle you have a chance to get shuffle time, and that what is pictured above