Luck stat and reward stat?

can we have stuff that increases the ammount of money given and luck for the chance of winning a JACKPOT

I’d say no. While RNG isn’t my favorite mechanic, all current RNG rewards are designed with only one set of probabilities in mind. Plus, most of these are already rigged more or less in the players’ favor; there’s no reason to make it even more imbalanced. Besides that, increasing luck/rewards increases payout, which would make the gameworlds underpowered again, which would lead to an income boost there, which leads to inflation, and I think there’s been enough of that already.


it’d also be pretty unfair

I’m gonna add on this with my own idea. What about the chances of getting rare items were increased during seasonal events, like Christmas or New Years. Or even Tower Unite’s anniversary? Feel like that’d be more fitting and it’d still be RNG.

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