Lower the minimum specs required to run Tower Unite

I like this game so much But I would like to modify the specification of less than this, and if it could have been greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Are you asking for the minimum specs required to run Tower Unite to be decreased?

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We can’t really change the games minimum specs that is required to run the game unless we make it with a weaker engine (fx source engine), make smaller textures and so on.
I do highly doubt pixeltail would do that.

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As optimizations are made, it’s possible that the minimum requirements will decrease, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Edited the title for clarity

This definitely isn’t going to happen, though

Unreal Engine 4 is a rather demanding engine, and we can’t do anything about that. Sorry :weary:

Like everyone above me said, “decreasing the minimum specs” is not something you simply do. It depends on how you make your game, and how much you optimize it.

I smell a console bro that doesn’t know how computers work lol

the game definitely needs more graphics options. simply lowering lighting effects, removing particles, disabling coin animations, and forcing the game to load the super low res textures it always does when you first join a server would do a number on lower end computers. stuff like this would let more people play without doing a lot of work. also if you want your game to be considered well made, you would have a lot of graphic options anyways.

for example, options like this could exist:

coin animations (enable/disable)

ultra low settings for all the graphic options in the game

player particles (enable/disable)

jetpack trails (enable/disable)

and if these things are already affected by the current options, they should be separated. giving users control is always the best option.

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I think one important option would be object quality. How well vertices are being loaded on models, and make them lower resolution on low settings.

I personally believe they should make the minimum and recommended specs more clear, there are loads of super shit cards and integrated graphics that have 1GB vram

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