Low-Res Lights

My, this certainly is out of place with the high definition of this game…

I’m not entirely sure what you are on about here. Are you saying that the wall light textures are not at a high resolution spec?

I have seen quite a few other things that have compressed textures (like the vending machine). I believe they are not super-high quality because the Plaza already takes up so much VRAM as it is.

I think its probably one of the last things on PixelTail’s list of things to improve, anyways. I would think they would focus on optimizing first.


There’s a lot of textures still being re-used from the old GMod version of the map, and I’d imagine updating the textures is one of the last things on their to-do list. I don’t consider this a bug.

  1. They’re ceiling lights.
  2. The vending machines are fine your anti-ailiasing just isn’t high enough so it takes time.
  3. I’ll take that.

AA has nothing to with actual texture quality.


dude i said it takes ti… nvm

It seems like you don’t understand the concept of antialising, texture mipmaps and texture streaming. I think it is safe to assume that the texture option ingame was set to the highest possible. The antialising option has nothing to do with this. What’s also unlikely is that the textures weren’t streamed yet. So the lamps look bad because the source texture was created with a low resolution.