Low fps in house

Now I don’t know weather or not this should be considered as a bug, because in game modes I get about 80 - 120fps, in the plaza I get about 60/70 fps, but in the house condo I only get 15 - 30 fps. I have no issue with any other condo type, just house. I just want to report this and maybe get a fix :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the more people that join your condo if you’re host, the less fps you get

That would be the case, however I get a low fps when I’m by myself. Although, upon review, in certain rooms I do get 50/60 fps…

FPS is also affected by media players being turned on, if even just sitting at the idle screen.

Sorry about the necro, but I’ve noticed this too. Main guess is due to the trees and their meshes, as they have far more of them than any other condo.

Then again I do run this on a potato, so…

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