Low FPS in a condo

Hello! I have very weird issue. I recently started having very low FPS in my own condo. I have tons of workshop stuff put in there, sure, but I never before had such low FPS. Usually it was at least 40+ FPS while moving around and doing stuff, now it’s around 8. Any idea what might be happening? My PC is quite decent, good enough to handle Tower Unite easily.

Try disabling shadows and see how much of a bump in FPS that gives you. Realized after troubleshooting my condo a while ago the platforms I made out of a ton of separate objects were impacting my FPS because of all the shadows they were creating.

Other than that’s I’d say back up the condo save, play with settings and slowly stash items to troubleshoot what’s impacting performance the most.

The next hot fix will address performance issues.

The thing is I never had this issue before, and in last few days I didn’t add any new items. Changing some graphics settings to medium from ultra didn’t do anything. I will try disabling shadows however but it shouldn’t be that.
EDIT: Changing “shadow quality” in graphics settings doesn’t change anything, still 8 FPS. There’s no way to disable the shadows fully too, at least not a way that I am aware of. I forgot to mention, whenever I look away at any place with no workshop or normal in-game items, FPS drastically goes up to 40-50+ but as soon as I look back it goes crazy.

Ok, yea I’d wait for the hot fix Mac is referring to and see if that resolved your issue.

Thanks for all help. I think that’s all I can do for now, that is just wait.

I’m wondering if it might be related to changes to the reflection quality of condo mirrors. Because the bathroom mirror on the default condo now destroys my framerate whenever I’m nearby it.

The FPS hit the OP was referring to was the workshop shadows which have been resolved now. The mirrors are a separate issue, however.

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