Love the game :)


Hello, i am new here and i recently got Tower Unite and i must say that this is the most amazing game i have ever played, amazing job the developers were doing :+1:


That’s good to hear!


Welcome! And these forums are the best game community I’ve ever been apart of. There is PLENTY more in store for this before exiting Early Access. If you haven’t seen it yet, follow their Trello page for their entire roadmap.


Well, i wish i could play again but my internet went to crap :frowning:


Ya the game is really fun and super interesting, there are many fun minigames to play and alot of stuff to do, and best of all there are absolutely no bugs or errors in the game. Don’t mind the catsack that isn’t behind me, he’s not really there.


At first when i joined the game, i was like “Ok, where do i get a jetpack” but then i had to ask where to get it :smiley:


Me too




you came, at the right time…

oh no im having flashbacks…